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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, You have reached the web haven of author J.C. Mašek III. The page has been updated since August 19, 2003. You all should know by now that the love of my life, Suzanne, is now my WIFE!!!!!!!!! As of June 13th 1998 Suzanne E. Olah-Mašek and J.C. Mašek III are totally completely, and legally ONE!!!! And don't forget Alexandra... Our excellent and beautiful daughter (who took home straight A's this semester!!!)

Also the page has both fiction and nonfiction on it as well as lots of different kinds of art! Take a while to explore this constantly (read: occasionally) expanding site! On this web of sites you'll find information about William Shakespeare's HAMLET, and FALSTAFF (amongst others), papers on Keats, Coppola, Branagh, Coleridge, as well as fictional westerns, sci-fi, tear jerkers, and plenty of action, all written by me! Not bad for a free site, no?

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This Psycho ward of a literary corner has been JACKED INTO dad burn times since Truman was president! (Actually, the counter resets every so often! So, as Tom Cat would say "DON'T YOU BELEIVE IT!")

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The End:
Teaser of Resurrection Joe:
Going To Houston:
Trenton Krow versus the Mad Doctor...:
The Sleepless Night:
Trenton Krow Versus the Fat Lady!
Inult. Injury.
(A Scanner Story)
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