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Okay, once again my name is J.C. Maçek III. I was a student at LSUS... but then of course I graduated with a degree in English in May of 1998! Then I married the girl of my dreams (No exaggeration)! The marriage is the stuff that dreams are made of, and you can see our wedding dance on the fiction page! (I Love You, Suz!)

Anyway, people ask me all the time, "J.C., how in the name of Will Shakespeare does one cite an internet source."

Usually I reply with some glib remark or pithy comeback, and they feel like they've been hit by a ten ton truck, as my wit has no peer! (I kid you, I'm a kidder.) Anyway, it is a pretty big deal, so I thought I'd give some options to anyone visiting the NonFiction side. Maybe if some brilliant human being puts two and two together they'll cite me in a paper... or maybe they'll have scruples!

How to cite internet sources in MLA format:

The format for citing Web Sites would be: Author's name (if possible). "Title." Date of last update or revision. Date page was accessed. {URL}.

For example:

Maçek III, J.C.. Eye H8 Sura Rath. 27 February 1998.
            19 February 2003. {https://members.tripod.com/~resurrectionjoe/illwill.html}

Hope you can use this. If you need more information on Works Cited then head out to the actual Modern Language Association WebSite at: http://www.mla.org/:

Thanks again to all of you for just logging on... Laugh at ME now by viewing the picture below. (Adobe Photoshop... You'll LOVE it!)


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