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This Movie is Off the HOOK!  It RULES

Five Stars! It's a DVDer! This movie is absolutely incredible! Check it out now!

Good, Good movie!

Four Stars! This is a great Film! You should see it.

Not so effing bad!

Three Stars. While this thing could definitely be better, if it's the Saturday Night HBO Premier and you aren't going out... Why the heck not?

Uh... got any reruns of Manimal we can watch?

Two Stars! This work isn't that great. There might be some unintentional PLAN 9-Style Comedy, but you probably won't like it for its intended merits


Dog! Any time you see a picture of a Dog (any dog) you know that this is a Bad Movie! A turkey, a Bomb... You'll find little redeeming quality here, except the scathing review I lob at it! Pew!

I didn't want to do the one star thing because I didn't want anyone to believe I would give Manos: The Hands of Fate a big "Gold Star!"

Regardless, if you see one of these dogs, it's going to suck... Maybe not suck like Joey Lawrence Performs the Best of Wagner Acapella, but it might be as bad as Michael Madsen hosting the Oscars... or Stallone doing Hamlet... or even the new straight to video erotic reality fare Phyllis Diller Gone Wild at Mardi Gras! Thanks for contributing to my delinquency!

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